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In-Office Dental Plans: Designed to Save You Money

by | Mar 1, 2023

As the cost of dental care continues to rise, many patients are looking for ways to make their treatments more affordable. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is Dr. Koumas’ in-office dental plans. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what our in-office dental plan is and what its benefits are.

dental plans

What is our In-Office Dental Plan?

Our in-office dental plan is a membership program that provides patients with discounted rates on a variety of dental services. Patients pay an annual fee to enroll in the plan and then receive discounts on treatments at participating dental practices.

The program is designed to make dental care more accessible and affordable for patients who may not have dental insurance or who have limited coverage.

How does the In-Office Dental Plan work?

Patients who enroll in our in-office dental plan pay an annual fee to become a member. This fee covers the cost of certain preventative services, such as two routine cleanings and exams per year, as well as a discount on additional treatments.

Once enrolled, patients can receive discounts on a variety of dental services, including:

Patients simply present their membership card at the time of service to receive the discounted rate.

dental plans

What are the benefits of the In-Office Dental Plans?

There are several benefits to enrolling in our In-Office Dental Plan, including:

  • Cost savings: Members can save money on a variety of dental treatments. The discounts can add up quickly, making dental care more affordable.
  • No insurance needed: Patients who don’t have dental insurance can still receive discounted rates on dental care through our dental plan. This makes dental care more accessible for those who may not have insurance or who have limited coverage.
  • Convenience: With our dental plan, patients can receive discounted rates at participating dental practices without having to file claims or deal with insurance companies.
  • Better oral health: By making dental care more affordable and accessible, our In-Office dental plan can help patients maintain good oral health by encouraging regular checkups and preventative care.

How do I enroll in the In-Office Dental Plans?

To enroll in our dental plan, simply visit our office and ask about their membership options!

Once enrolled, you can begin using your membership benefits right away to receive discounted rates on dental treatments.


Our In-Office Dental Plan is a membership program that provides patients with discounted rates on a variety of dental services. With its cost savings, convenience, and focus on preventative care, our In-Office Dental Plan can help make dental care more affordable and accessible for patients. To learn more about the program or to enroll, call our office or visit our website.

dental plans
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