Why Mouthwash Matters

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While mouthwash is only used for about 30 seconds twice a day, its impact can be significant. All mouthwashes contain alcohol and detergents. The alcohol is used to kill germs and the detergents are used to loosen plaque and debris which contributes to excellent oral health.

Matching Mouthwash with Dental Needs

Although saliva is our own natural mouthwash, professionally crafted mouthwash is designed to go the extra mile by filling in the gaps in your oral hygiene needs. Not all mouths are prone to the same issues which makes mouthwash a great way to cater to specific oral problems.

  • Dry mouth – Alcohol-free options are recommended because of drying agents that may make mouths even drier.
  • Sores and cuts – Salt water rinse is the most natural option. It is great for temporarily disinfecting and reducing swelling.
  • Tooth sensitivity – Mouthwash with extra fluoride coats teeth and makes them stronger to prevent further tooth decay.
  • Gum disease – Oral rinse that contains chlorhexidine has powerful antibacterial properties to better control mouth bacteria.

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Source: National Dental Care

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