Waterpik vs Flossing: Which Works Better

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When it comes to deciding between using a waterpik to remove plaque or going the traditional route with floss, it really is personal preference, according to most dentists. Still, both methods do have their pros and cons which may help inform your final decision. In the end, both methods can help keep your teeth healthy and happy as part of your dental care routine. Here’s what we have to say about deciding between a waterpik vs flossing:


Using a waterpik to “floss” your teeth and rid your mouth of plaque and food particles is a more involved, and often more costly process. The waterpik allows you to shoot water in between your teeth and the steady pressure removes anything built up. For some, a waterpik may be more convenient, like those who have braces or other dental work like crowns or dental implants. String floss requires a technique to hold the floss and maneuver it throughout the mouth, so water flossing may be an easier way for many to reach molars.


To most, flossing is the go-to method to remove residual food that occasionally gets stuck in between teeth. Not only is traditional flossing more cost-effective compared to using a waterpik, but it can also be more convenient. A pack of floss can be brought everywhere and can be used at anytime because of its small size and simple-to-use technique. Plaque build up and food particles that sit too long between teeth can cause tooth decay and even worse, gum disease.

Healthy Mouth, Happy Teeth

No matter which flossing method you choose, make sure you choose one. Flossing is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth and keeping your gums happy. Studies have shown that flossing has not only proven to reduce plaque buildup, but it also strengthens your gums against bleeding. Having a daily dental care routine is important for your overall health.

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