Tooth Fairy Ideas and Planning

little girl with missing front teeth

As a parent, you have a big job. Once your not-so-little one turns five years old, you should be prepared to begin your duties as the Tooth Fairy. In the United States, it is common to leave money under the pillow when your child loses a tooth. Have some fun with it and get creative, consider these ideas that will have your child excited to tell their friends at school:

Outside-the-box Ideas

While leaving money under the pillow is the norm, consider leaving something else!

  • Small toys
  • A healthy snack
  • A new toothbrush

Along with the item, write a note from the Tooth Fairy that explains what is going to happen with the tooth and encourage your child to keep taking care of their teeth. Here are some fables of what the tooth fairy does with teeth:

  • Use as bricks to build her castle
  • Send them into the night sky to become stars
  • Share them with babies who are growing new teeth (great for kids with little siblings)

Be sure to use creative handwriting so your child doesn’t suspect a thing!

Purchasing a special tooth pillow or making one is another great idea. These “tooth pillows” have a special pocket for the lost tooth, so the tooth fairy knows just where to find it.

If you’re worried about waking your child while performing Tooth Fairy duties, consider going the Scandinavian route. In Sweden and Norway, children put their tooth in a glass of water, so the Tooth Fairy can find it more easily. In the morning, children wake to find the glass has been emptied of water and replaced with coins.

Tooth Fairy Missing in Action

Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy becomes extra busy or is short-handed a few bucks and can’t make a visit the same night. Letting your child know that thousands of other kids lost their teeth on the same day will help them understand, and just make sure the Tooth Fairy visits the night after to pick up the tooth.

Unexpected Tooth Loss

For times when a tooth unexpectedly gets knocked out or a dental procedure requires a tooth extraction, the Tooth Fairy can play a part in these situations as well. Leaving a note that congratulates the child for being brave and strong is a great way to let them know they did a great job at the dentist.

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