Tips for a Tooth-Healthy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a great time to gather around the table with friends and family that you love. While you are enjoying this special holiday, it is important to keep your dental hygiene in the back of your mind. You will undoubtedly be surrounded by delicious foods that are tempting, but not good for your mouth, and we have some tips on how to distract yourself from these mouth-killing meals.

Cheese, Nuts, and Raw Veggies

Snacking on cheese, nuts, and raw veggies as an appetizer can have some positive mouth health benefits. Cheese contains calcium which is a mineral that helps bones stay strong. It also contains casein, a protein found in milk products, which can help prevent cavities. Nuts also contain calcium and they have other minerals that can help strengthen teeth. Lastly, chewing raw vegetables produces a lot of saliva to wash away bacteria.

Vegetables in Sesame Oil

Try using sesame oil to sauté your vegetables instead of vegetable, canola, or other types of oil. Sesame oil has been shown to lower the effects of plaque in your mouth and in some situations, has even reversed the effects of gingivitis.

Stick to Tea and Water

Soda and sugary drinks are not good for your mouth no matter the occasion, but it is especially important to stay away from them when you are eating more sugary and starchy foods. Tap water contains fluoride which reverses acid damage to your enamel. Also, green and black tea are bacteria killers, therefore fighting cavities.

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