Relief for Tooth Pain from a Sinus Infection

Over 28 million people suffer from sinus infections and they can be very painful. Now, imagine on top of that pain and suffering, you begin experiencing tooth pain at the same time. Chances are that the tooth pain is actually a side effect of the sinus infection.

Sinus Infection to Tooth Pain

When you develop a sinus infection, your naval passage lining becomes inflamed and if left untreated for more than 2 weeks, it can become an acute sinus infection. Now, you still may be asking yourself what does a sinus infection have to do with tooth pain? The maxillary sinuses, the spot where the infection can live, are located right above the roots of your molar teeth. So, when the sinuses begin to swell due to the bacteria, this can put pressure on the nerve endings of the teeth and cause pain and discomfort.

Person with a sinus infection drinking tea wrapped up in a blanket

What to Do

Before automatically assuming the tooth pain is being caused by the sinus infection, you may want to visit your dentist, especially if the pain was there before becoming sick. If you’re positive the pain is being caused by the sinus infection, consider the following tips to help relieve some of that pain:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Take a steaming hot shower
  3. Rest & Sleep
  4. Eat spicy foods
  5. Visit the doctor
  6. Position your head correctly for maximum drainage

To schedule your dental appointment, contact local Newburgh, NY dentist Dr. Michael Koumas.

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