How to Clean Your Tongue the Right Way

tongue out

A dirty tongue may very well be the cause of your bad breath. Getting into the habit of brushing your tongue during your daily routine is a good idea. The American Dental Association recommends we brush our tongue each time we brush our teeth, once in the morning and once at night. Using mouthwash after you clean your tongue not only kills any lingering bacteria, but moisturizes the mouth too. The lesson here is that a healthy mouth does not just entail brushing your teeth.

Using a Tongue Scraper

There is a specific tool made for cleaning your tongue, and though it is not necessary, it can be helpful. It is usually a soft plastic handheld tool that scrapes away the mucus-based layer that sits on top of your tongue, you may not even notice it. After each swipe, rinse the tool with warm water and use again. Using the bristles of your toothbrush will work just fine too, and many toothbrushes today have a built-in tongue scraper on the back of the head.

Keep in mind, you should not be using it to the point where your tongue becomes sore or even bleeds. Use light pressure when scraping to avoid soreness and focus on the center of the tongue where the bulk of the bacteria lies. After working tongue cleaning into your daily routine, you should begin to notice your breath start to become fresher.

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