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Teeth Whitening Methods

As people age, it is inevitable that our teeth will lose their white color because the outer layer of enamel becomes thinner and thinner. For many people, a beautiful smile means having bright and shiny white teeth. Along with aging, other factors that affect teeth color are food and drink stains, smoking and tartar buildup. […]

How Dentists Fix Cavities

Everyday we brush our teeth to prevent cavities and we start this routine at a very young age. Even though we try our best to prevent cavities, sometimes they develop for one reason or another. It is important to visit your dentist when you notice a cavity so that they can properly fix it with […]

Oral Cancer: Signs, Causes, and Types

Oral cancer is separated into two categories based on where it occurs in the mouth. Oral cancer can develop in the oral cavity (inside lips and cheeks, gums, teeth, roof of the mouth and front two-thirds of tongue) or in the oropharynx (middle area of throat, tonsils and base of tongue). Each year over 10,000 […]