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Relief for Tooth Pain from a Sinus Infection

Over 28 million people suffer from sinus infections and they can be very painful. Now, imagine on top of that pain and suffering, you begin experiencing tooth pain at the same time. Chances are that the tooth pain is actually a side effect of the sinus infection. Sinus Infection to Tooth Pain When you develop […]

What Happens During Scaling and Root Planing?

Gum disease can develop overtime as plaque builds up on your teeth and around your gums. The bacteria in the plaque may cause your gums to become irritated and inflamed and you may even notice your gums start to be drawn back from your teeth. When the gums pull away, pockets are created, and this […]

Are Teeth Considered Bones?

Even though teeth and bones seem very similar, they are actually different. Teeth are not bones. Yes, both are white in color and they do indeed store calcium, but that’s where their similarities end. Teeth Teeth are made out of enamel, which might be a familiar term to you. Enamel is the outer-layer of your […]