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Dr. Michael Koumas has an office located in Newburgh, New York and serves the surrounding area. Dr. Koumas has a range of specializations in the dentistry field, so patients can be catered to their specific needs.

Dr. Michael Koumas has been rated in Hudson Valley Magazine’s Top Dentists from 2008 through 2019. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland College of Dental Surgery.

The office is open from Monday through Friday 9:00-5:30. Dr. Koumas can help the entire family when it comes to having dental work done, including for children. So, plan to bring the entire family!

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Patient Reviews

Friendly and welcoming, I felt at ease with Dr. Koumas and his staff. They addressed my concerns with care, and explained everything in detail so that I was well informed
-Julie 1/22/2020

Helpful, friendly, professional. When I called about a problem, Dr. Koumas attended to it within three hours of my phone call. Exceptional.
-Mark 7/25/2019

Love this place! Dr. Koumas and staff are very friendly. I recommend them to everyone.”
-Helen 8/1/2019

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